Strategies for Your Financial Plan

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Key ServicesThe Black-Stratton Group at ScotiaMcLeod caters to the needs of affluent and high net worth investors. Their team of financial advisors, specialists & associates will provide you with trusted advice and an advanced, personalized solution to reach your financial goals with greater peace of mind. To maintain this high quality of service, The Black-Stratton Group adheres to a disciplined investment philosophy that is focused on long-term performance while managing risk. Through a systematic process, they will develop, discuss and document an appropriate financial strategy to reach your personal goals. Trusted advice is the cornerstone of The Black-Stratton Group. Their industry-leading expertise and personalized solutions is the basis of that trust and the reason for the success experienced by all involved.

The key to success is to develop your financial plan, implement it and review it regularly to ensure that it reflects all changes in your personal circumstances.

Neil and Michael’s first step in developing your personal financial plan is to help you understand your needs and goals and than build customized solutions to achieve them. As our client, the six-step plan you follow will lead to a solution uniquely coordinating the complexities of your entire situation, based on sound financial planning principles. Depending on your personal situation, Neil and Michael can also recommend solutions to guide you in the following areas.

Services We Provide

  • Investment Advice – We offer a comprehensive range of investments that suit different financial needs and levels of risk.
  • Retirement Planning – Sit down with Neil or Michael and make sure you have enough assets and income to enjoy the kind of retirement life you’ve been hoping for.
  • Estate Planning – Ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes – consider both the financial and administrative implications.
  • Tax Planning – Working with your tax advisor, Neil and Mike will recommend the right mix of investments for your portfolio, so you can start paying less tax while ensuring optimal returns.
  • Private Banking – As someone who leads a full and active life, you may appreciate our private banking services through Scotia Wealth Management, designed to reduce the time you spend managing your finances.
  • Educational Planning – A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is one of the easiest and best ways to fund the future ambitions of your child.